Abbreviations for Sex Work Services

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Abbreviations or acronyms are used to shortcut the description of different sex work services. There are many variations, but the following are some common ones:

69: Sex position in which the sexual partners lay head to toe and mutually perform oral sex on each other.

A-level: Anal sex (also known as greek)

ATM: Ass to mouth, anal sex immediately followed by oral

AR: Anal rimming refers to licking of the the anal area

BBS: Bare back sex, vaginal or anal sex without a condom

BBBJ: Bare back blow job, oral sex without a condom

BBBJTC: Bare back blow job to completion

BBW: Big beautiful woman, refers to women who are voluptuous or curvaceous

B & D: Bondage and discipline

BDSM: Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism, describes a wide range of activities – always get more information

Bondage: Refers to activities involving tying up or restraining of one partner

BJ: Blow job, oral sex on a penis; fellatio

BJTC: Blow job to completion, giving oral sex until the client cums; with or without a condom

BLS: Ball licking and sucking

BS: Body slide. A service provider slides their naked body over the client’s, often with the aid of oil or gel

CBJ: Covered blow job refers to oral sex with a condom

CBT: Cock and ball torture, a BDSM sexual activity that involves torture or inflicting pain on genitals

CD: Cross dressing, may involve client or service provider dressing as a different gender during a booking, could also include service provider “teaching” client how to play a particular gender role

CIM: Cum in mouth, refers to cumming in a service provider’s mouth without a condom

CIMWS: Cum in mouth with swallowing

COF / COB: Cum on face/cum on breasts/cum on body; pulling the penis out of someone’s mouth/vagina/arse and cumming over chest, face, back, etc

DATY: Dining at the ‘Y’, oral sex on a vulva (the outer part of the vagina); cunnilingus

DATO: See ‘rimming’

DP: Double penetration, either penetrating two orifices at once which may include two people, or penetration of one orifice with two things. These acts could include the mouth, vagina and/or anus

DDP: Double digit penetration, one finger in vagina, the other in anus

DFK: Deep french kissing, passionate kissing with tongues

DT: Deep throat, taking the entire length of a penis in one’s mouth during oral sex

Facial: Ejaculating on a face

FE: Female ejaculation, also known as squirting or g-spot ejaculation. The ejaculation of fluid from the urethra. 

Filming: Filming or recording of a sexual act

Fire and ice: Refers to applying hot and cold sensations, either directly to the genitals or via the mouth during oral sex. For example, switching between hot and cold sensations such as hot tea and an ice cube. This can be part of a CBT experience.

Fisting: Penetration of a whole hand inside the vagina or anus

FK: French kissing

Foot fetish: A sexual desire and gratification focused on feet or shoes, may involve a foot job or kissing and licking of toes

Foot job: Similar to a hand job but performed with feet, usually with oil or lube stroking a penis between the arches of two feet either as foreplay or until completion

French: Oral sex

FS: Full service, usually just means ‘intercourse’, but some clients or establishments might be referring to a ‘complete’ service, including massage, oral and sex

Gagging: Gagging or choking on an erect penis or sometimes fingers

GFE: Girlfriend experience,acting like a girlfriend; sensual, friendly, cuddly. May include services such as sex, french kissing, mutual oral sex. Inclusions of the service may vary between providers. 

Greek: Anal sex

GS: Golden shower, urinating on body or in mouth

Happy ending: Hand job after massage

HJ: Hand Job, hand relief; using your hand to masturbate the client

Italian: Rubbing penis between buttocks

LK: Light kissing

MILF: Mother I’d like to fuck. Describes a sexually attractive woman, usually several years older than the person using the term

MFF: Male Female Female, threesome involving one male and two females

MMF: Male Male Female, threesome involving two males and one female

Mutual French: Both parties give and reciprocate oral sex. If done at the same time is called ‘69’

Mutual Natural French: Both parties give and receive unprotected oral sex

MSOG: Multiple shots on goal refers to a client orgasming multiple times within a booking

NSA: No strings attached, no serious relationships, just a hook-up

OWO: Oral with out, a blow job without a condom

Pegging: Using a strap on dildo to have anal sex with a partner

PSE: Porn star experience, a sexual encounter that is similar to what you would see in a mainstream pornographic film. Usually involves a range of sexual positions, louder moaning, dirty talk, deep throating/gagging and light spanking. The inclusions of a PSE vary between service providers. 

R&T: Rub and tug, massage with hand relief

Rimming: Licking around the the anus

Russian: Rubbing the penis between breasts, sometimes until climax (also known as Spanish)

Snowballing: The act of transferring semen or cum from one person’s mouth to another

Spanish: Rubbing the penis between breasts, sometimes until climax (also known as Russian)

Squirting: Also known as female ejaculation or g-spot ejaculation. The  ejaculation of fluid from the urethra. 

Strap on: A dildo designed to be worn, usually with a harness, to penetrate a sexual partner

Strip tease: An erotic dance where the service provider undresses for the client in a teasing fashion

Tea bagging: Placing balls in the mouth or on the face of a partner

Toy show: A masturbation show using sex toys including vibrators

Tromboning: An act where the service provider kneels behind the client and licks their anus while masturbating their erect penis

TTM: Testicular tongue massage

Water sports: See golden shower, but also can involve many sexual activities that involve urine

Don’t assume that you and the client have the same understanding of abbreviations. It’s a good idea to confirm the details, eg. ‘Did you want AR on me, or on you?’, or ‘I do offer oral to completion, but only with a condom’, before agreeing to the service.

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