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Sex work is real work. Like any other job sex work involves specific skills and duties. You should not be required to do anything that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. To ensure you are not placed in a situation where you feel your safety or boundaries are being compromised, it is important that you and your client clearly communicate each other’s boundaries and expectations of the service. You need to take control of the situation tactfully yet firmly. Before the service begins, you and your client need to agree on what you are both going to do; including safer sex practices, condom use, the place and the price. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground or walk away if the client breaks the agreement or is being difficult to work with. There is no need for you do anything you are not willing to do.

If you’re working with another sex worker, make sure you discuss with them your boundaries and safer sex practices before the session. If you are working for an established sex industry business, make sure management supports your safer sex practices.

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