Developing Your Sex Worker Skills

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Sex workers develop many different skills; whether it’s being an effective communicator, marketing yourself successfully or providing non-judgmental fantasy services, sex work skills are invaluable and not often acknowledged. Skills such as putting the condom on with your mouth can make safer sex easier and sexier with your client. Redirecting clients into different positions or activities in a subtle but effective manner can greatly improve your relationship and time with the client.

Chatting to other workers, talking to your local sex worker organisation and reading publications aimed at sex workers are all ways of learning new skills. Also, thinking about what went well, and what could be better in your bookings with clients is a great way of improving your skills. If you work with other sex workers, try and create an environment where you can share working skills.

Private workers might wish to create a network of friends to do doubles, and share skills and support. Respecting our own and other sex workers’ skills, and understanding that an industry full of skilled, confident sex workers is a better place for all of us to work in, are the first steps to creating a positive sex work culture. If you live in an area where it is difficult to connect with other sex workers and sex worker organisations, consider joining sex worker only Facebook groups or forums to find ways you can stay connected to the sex worker community.

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