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A neovagina is a surgically constructed vagina. There are different techniques for creating a neovagina such as penile inversion and sigmoid colon techniques.

Ask your doctor before commencing sexual penetration after your surgery, and listen to your body to determine when you are ready. Waiting until you are properly healed from your post-operation bleeding and wound drainage is especially important for people living with HIV and/or hepatitis B or C before resuming sexual activity. Vaginoplasty methods can also include the muscles and tissues from the entire anal-genital area, so it is important to wait until you are completely healed before resuming anal sex. For optimal healing from your surgery and to reduce your risks of infections, carefully follow the post operation instructions provided by your doctor.

Complications from surgery such as neovaginitis or infection can increase the risk of STI and BBV transmission.

Although your vagina may produce some lubrication during intercourse, it may not be enough for comfortable sexual activity. If you have sex without extra lubrication, small undetectable breaks or tears can occur in the vaginal lining. HIV and other STIs can enter through these breaks and tears. This could also happen if you have a vagina that isn’t wide enough to comfortably accommodate your client’s penis. Your dilation exercises will give you a good idea of what is comfortable for you. Using water based lubricant will not harm the vagina and will reduce friction on the skin.

Don’t forget to always wipe from front to back (if you are not already) as bacterial vaginal infections can occur as a result of bacteria from the anus being transferred into the vagina. Additionally, always wear a new condom in between different partners, sex toys and when changing between anal, oral and vaginal sex to reduce your risk of infections.

Visit your doctor if you notice anything unusual.

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