Insertive Condoms

Insertive condoms, sometimes referred to as “female condoms” or Femidoms, work just like a regular condoms, but are worn internally. A large ring on the outside stops the insertive condom from slipping and a smaller ring keeps the other end in place at the back of the vagina. Insertive condoms can also be used for anal sex; however, the smaller ring must be taken out before inserting into the anus. Use plenty of lube on the inside of the insertive condom, to prevent breakage.

Don’t use a condom at the same time as using the insertive condom as they can rub together and break.

Insertive condoms are especially handy in situations where regular condom use is tricky, like with very large penises or clients who have difficulty getting/maintaining erections. It can also be inserted up to 8 hours before penetration so it will not obstruct the spontaneity of the service and can assist in creating the illusion of providing a service without a condom, while still wearing a condom. Carefully remove the insertive condom after each session and always use a new insertive condom with every client.